Tuesday, April 15, 2008

El dentista!

OK....you know those things that you absolutely dread to do the FIRST time in a FOREIGN COUNTRY?? You know...... go to the doctor, visit the hospital....OK just about any first time thing in a new country can be traumatic (drama queen enter stage right). Well, it was time for our 6 month DENTAL CHECKUP...."Jaws" background music plays now.....and today was the day! We wanted to avoid any dentist that might possibly clean his tools in the blue barber shop liquid jar.....or some of the local dentist who operate out of what appears to be his residence.
Scary, huh? So with much apprehension, we arrived in a part of town we had never been in and saw the dentist. WE SURVIVED!!!!

Actually it was a very nice office with very nice staff and NO, they did not speak English! Mark and I figured that if they started to work on the right end then we had a victory because we have learned enough Spanish to at least express what service we need! HA It was indeed a day of victory and we have learned to bask in the small victories!