Friday, July 31, 2009

Karen Watson was a young missionary, lately murdered in Iraq because of her bold service to the Lord. At her funeral, Karen’s last letter was read by her pastor.

Dear Pastor,
You should only be opening this letter in the event of my death.
When God calls there are no regrets. I tried to share my heart with you as much as possible, my heart for the nations. I wasn’t called to a place; I was called to Him. To obey was my objective, to suffer was expected, His glory my reward, His glory my reward...

The missionary heart:
Cares more than some think is wise
Risks more than some think is safe
Dreams more than some think is practical
Expects more than some think is possible

I was called not to comfort or to success but to obedience...
There is no Joy outside of knowing Jesus and serving Him. I love you and my church family.
In His care,
Salaam, Karen

A life given, not taken. Hebrews 11:38a "....the world was not worthy of them."

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Try explaining to the vet over the phone (which is more difficult than speaking in person) that your puppy just passed something through her bottom. Yea, fun times!

Couldn't bring myself to add that she ate a yellow starburst, paper and all, yesterday. ....figure that will come up in the exam.

......Mark is off to the vet with the puppy and a something in a plastic cup.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Olivia has started listening to the commercials on TV during her cartoons. Ok, so? Now she is repeating word-for-word every commercial. The funniest part is, of course, to a 7 year old the commercial is TRUTH!

Every day she has a new product that I have to try. Liquid soap, laundry detergent, a new shampoo for Mark, soup flavoring, stain remover.....the list goes on and on.

Mistake of all mistakes.......................I took her down the aisle with ALL OF THE CLEANERS in the supermarket this weekend. What was I thinking?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I woke up to a rainy, cold morning today. Great day to sleep in (which I did) but my girls....WOW....still asleep as it thunders. Nothing like Mom's big, warm bed on a cold, rainy morning! That is how school breaks should be spent....don't ya think?

........think I will go bake some snickerdoodles!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gracias Dora!

Immigrations again today with a record 2 trips in ONE day. Ok, how can I explain this process so that you all can relate?

Revenue office plus about 500 people waiting to be processed.

A mumbling girl BEHIND a glass partition that will not open her mouth to speak clearly.

A change in rates since the last visit which accounted for the return trip today.

Probably the highest congregation of swine flu carriers outside of a train or bus.

A smart alic who thought he could speak english.

A room full of employees who are "overworked" from their 8:45 - 2:00 schedule with more breaks for chats than the VIEW.

Top it off with a RUDE person!

It is really difficult for a good Southern girl to not LOSE IT given this scenario! I am so proud of only remark was upon exiting the waiting room..... "Gracias Dora"!

Hopefully you can realize that even WE have horrible days. I think I can be honest with you about that....I mean ....afterall is just me and you, right?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Changed up some tunes ......

in the mood for some oldies and favorites!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mark and Olivia went to the golf course this morning because my parents brought down Olivia's clubs so now they can play together. First time out on the real course....up to now....only the driving range.

Olivia asks: "So what kind of prizes do they give at the golf course?"

.......this should be interesting!
To the folks out there who follow my blog......both of sorry I have not kept up in the last couple of weeks! My parents were here for a visit and nothing got blogged or written during that time.

So here is the latest:
1. We had a great visit with Mom and Dad. They got to see much of the city, go to a tango show for Dad's birthday, spend time with the girls and spoil them, and they got SPANKED on Mario Kart (WII game in case you don't have little ones).

2. Everyone is healthy despite the closing of EVERYTHING for Swine Flu. My gym was even closed this morning. So I guess that means I can eat what I want and not feel guilty, huh?

3. We now have a puppy named "chloe". She is a "who knows what" kind of puppy that we adopted. House breaking her is not fun, but she is really cute.

That's pretty much us right now. Trying to stay warm and healthy!