Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My morning drive....leisurely? I don't think so!

I decided last night to drive Olivia to school this morning by myself for the first time. (Remember it should take us about 45 minutes depending on traffic.) Here goes my morning:

The car died 4 times in front of the apartment before I ever took off .....I forgot to take off the park brake.

I made it to the loop/interstate fine but I am not quite sure I was ever in 5th gear. I have the hardest time finding 3rd and 5th.

I made my exit too early only to realize it when I rounded the access ramp onto a major interstate that had about 10 lanes just in my direction!

I ran 2 red lights and ignored a street closed sign only to have to turn around on the other side of it.

I rolled all the way BACK DOWN a hill fortunately there was no one behind me. I really mean ALL THE WAY!

So anyway, this was my was yours?

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Update on the girls

Let me do a quick post on the girls.....

Olivia is doing well and is excited about having started school this past week. She was worried about being "weird" but it seems she has fallen right into her schedule. She didn't even need me to walk her all the way to the playground this morning! Yes, this is killing me....all of her new found Independence!
The only glitch is swim class...YIKES! She was totally freaked because she had to put her swim gear on in the same room as the other girls. We are working on ways to keep modest.

Claire is living it up having Mom and Dad to herself the entire day. Although she is excited about starting school in August ....why, you ask? Because, of course, it means NEW CLOTHES AND SHOES! Claire is always up for a shopping trip to buy her some new things. On a serious note, just today she commented to us how much she really likes Argentina.

They are both growing, happy and doing well. Thanks for keeping them in your prayers and please don't forget to send them a message once in a while!

Monday, February 9, 2009


I did it......I drove all the way to church yesterday! Ok, so to some of you that's is no big deal but for me was huge! Believe me when I say.....I have NEVER seen my girls that quiet in the back seat. I mean the game systems were turned off, they didn't ask for music, they didn't argue....I think they sat back there praying all the way to the church which was about 35 minutes.

Wow, what a hurdle. Now, if I could just read the street signs!