Monday, April 27, 2009

Vonage is up and running!

Ok, no excuses for not calling me!!! Our vonage line is up and running so give us a call and catch up. The phone is in the house although we still do not live in the house but we are there everyday for most of the day. Hopefully tomorrow I will have my appliances and we can move in ! WOOHOO.

The number is 870-455-4671 and it is a local call from White Hall.

Looking forward to hearing from ya!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I need a calgon moment

Step into my world for just a minute please:
I entered a very popular appliance store. I find a Whirlpool fridge and stove that I like and would like to buy. I ask the salesman what the price it comes.....get ready....he said...."Well, we don't sell this stove and fridge".

Could someone please explain to me WHY a store displays a stove and fridge that don't intend to sell?

CALGON! Take me away!!!!

I just want to buy a stove and fridge. big sigh

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What would YOU do for a Starbucks coffee?

We have about 7 Starbucks locations here in Buenos Aires (yea, who wants to come see me now??) and my very favorite is about 4 blocks passed the government buildings right in the heart of the city. Today was MY day, so after 2 hours of Spanish tutoring, Claire, myself and a friend took a cab to Starbuck's. Why? Because a coffee means that much to me!

Ok, here is the story. Read the warnings on the US Embassy website and it will tell you to always avoid Argentine protests because they can get out of hand very quickly so you should leave the area of a protest! The cab today dropped us off about 4 blocks too early because streets were blocked .....why....DUE TO A PROTEST! The people were in the streets, chanting, carrying signs, police out in the middle of the streets. What did we do? Walked through the protest to change sides of the street because I KNEW Starbucks was only about 2 more blocks on the other side of the protest.

I knew the signs did not say "GO HOME"!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A day in the life of US!

Simple task: Mail 1 postcard, pick up a certified letter, and mail a small package to the US.

Attempt #1: Mark goes to the post office, takes a number and has a seat in the waiting room. 45 minutes later he is called to the counter. He has "100 peso" (about 30 US dollar value) and ask to first mail the package. The lady explains that he cannot mail this package because it is taped and not glued. (I had wrapped the box in plain brown heavy paper and used brown packing tape to secure it.) After a brief convesation about the mailing requirements, Mark proceeded to mail the postcard but he could not because she did not have change (he would have had change IF he had mailed the box). Ok, so he asked for the certified letter but could not get it because I did not sign the paper.

Attempt #2: We stop by UPS to mail the package. 45 minutes later after the UPS guy had removed and listed every item in the box and repacked it in a UPS box, he says the charge is $120 US dollars to ship it. The value of the box was about $20 US dollars so of course, Mark left the UPS office with the new box in hand.

Attempt #3: I went to the post office, took a number and waited 1 hour. When I was called to the counter, I was able to mail the postcard. I could not mail the package that I had re-wrapped in brown paper and USED GLUE NOT TAPE because I did not have my original passport with me. I could not pick up my certified letter because I did not have my original passport.

Attempt #4: I went back to the post office, took a number and waited 1 hour. I successfully mailed the package. The certified letter was a notice to go to another post office to pick up a package that was too big to have in this post office!

Tomorrow, we are going to the other post office. It opens at 10:00 and we will have to be in line by 9:00 and still will probably be there for at least 21/2 hours AFTER THEY OPEN.


We just found out that our address is just slightly here is the revision.

The line should read: "Martinez 1640"

If you have something en route to us, don't worry ...we have been getting letters and packages but the address really should be the 1640 instead of 1620.

Sorry for the confusion!