Monday, May 19, 2008

Sir, get up on your feet Sir!

Ok, I have to tell this story on Mark. While we were at the beach he decided to learn how to SURF! So, he and Jonathon went to the surfing school. This young local guy was their instructor and had been surfing since he was 4 years old. In Mark's defense, he says that the sport is much harder than it looks.....but then he says that about Golf....about tennis.....pingpong, etc...... After 30 minutes of eating waves, the instructor say "Sir, you should get on your feet. Get up on your board and get on your feet."

Mark said the ultimate blow to his ego was when the guy carried his board back to the beach for him because he said "Sir, you look really tired". I have posted what Mark was SUPPOSED to look like surfing and what he ACTUALLY looked like.