Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bummer week!

OK, we got our oral exam results back yesterday...which I didn't need to see in writing to know how bad it went! I was SO depressed after taking mine on Thursday that I skipped grammar class and came home to cry for 2 hours was that bad. The worst part is that for about 2 weeks now I have really struggled with language, fatigue, and keeping my mind focused.
Not excuses....just reality!

Anyway, we watched a ton of Olympics last night after we found them in ENGLISH and it was a great time. We cheered for the USA team and teared up when we heard OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM. Funny how you take those simple things for granted but it has been months, I suppose, since we heard our national anthem. Sure sounded good!

My take is that we all really need a nice long break......