Sunday, October 26, 2008

Quote of the Week

Claire has been getting bug bites and we don't know from where or when because none of the rest of the family has it has been a family mystery about Claire's bug bites.

Tonight at bedtime, Claire was scratching and I asked "Claire, what are you scratching?"

Claire replied, " my bug bites".

Olivia says, "hum, you gotta plague!" without ever missing a bite of her bedtime snack.


Robin said...

That so sounds like Olivia! She would say things to other kids when she would be eating her snack at Cubbies that would just blow me away. Just so matter of a fact like. She so cracked me up! Sure miss her!

Kirsten Nelson said...

FYI, I think they are chigger bites because Cade has them too. Does she play in the sand box at school? I know Cade does. You can try putting some antibiotic with anaglesic on them, but try putting some repellant spray on her before you send her to school. Cade had 3 new ones today, so I am buying another bottle of bug spray.