Friday, January 9, 2009

Ok, well a quick update. We are still in the temp apartment so no internet.......sorry about the out of touch thing but that's the way it is for now. Please don't give up reading!

Everyone if fine. The girls are doing well and seem to be adjusting fine. We are searching online for schools but have made no decisions yet. We are still learning the driving rules. I read the map and Mark .....well, he gets on the race track! We tell the girls when we load up to go somewhere that it is "mystery day BA style" which means we never know where we will end up!

Thanks for the encouragement about my hair! I can't believe you ask for pictures in my moment of trauma! For that, I won't even begin to describe my first shopping trip to find some new clothes........let me just say that things run small here and the skinny attendants don't mind asking if you need a bigger size :). I eased the pain of that experience in a frappe from the McCafe fact ....I think next time that happens I will buy a round of vanilla milkshakes for ALL OF THE SKINNY ATTENDANTS!