Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My morning drive....leisurely? I don't think so!

I decided last night to drive Olivia to school this morning by myself for the first time. (Remember it should take us about 45 minutes depending on traffic.) Here goes my morning:

The car died 4 times in front of the apartment before I ever took off .....I forgot to take off the park brake.

I made it to the loop/interstate fine but I am not quite sure I was ever in 5th gear. I have the hardest time finding 3rd and 5th.

I made my exit too early only to realize it when I rounded the access ramp onto a major interstate that had about 10 lanes just in my direction!

I ran 2 red lights and ignored a street closed sign only to have to turn around on the other side of it.

I rolled all the way BACK DOWN a hill fortunately there was no one behind me. I really mean ALL THE WAY!

So anyway, this was my was yours?

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Bob & Tessa Yeater said...

that is good stuff. be careful and remind me to not pull up behind you on hill! tell Marco hello for me if you would. hope you guys are doing well. -bob