Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Claire is really into this "South America" LATE culture.

Background: As you know from my previous whiny posts, nothing ever happens when you need it, ask for it, or expect it here in our new culture. For goal driven, list-checkers like myself (aka: annoying people) ......it drives me nuts!

The story: Claire has been having chronic stomach pain that we had evaluated, had an ultrasound (all was well), did a urine sample, and now we were on the fun part......5 days of poo samples to check for parasites. Oh, yea baby! Fun times.

Claire has taken 2 1/2 weeks to collect 5 poo samples.

...........ugh....tell me she has not adjusted to the South American way of doing things!

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Robin said...

Mel, I love reading your blogs, they so brighten my day! Thank you!! Miss you all so very much! Sorry to hear about the poo samples, there is no way that it could be an enjoyable thing no matter how you look at it. Yikes! So, anyhow, I hope that everything turns out ok with Claire, will be praying for her (and you) Tell them hi and big hugs for all! Love ya girl! Love~Robin