Sunday, October 11, 2009

Something doesn't sound quite right.....

Olivia has asked to start Karate lessons. Mark and I reminded her that she started and quit violin lessons over the summer. AFTER I bought her a violin, had some work done on it and was out about $100. So, I agreed that if she could sell the violin and get back my $100, I would agree to her re-investing the money in Karate lessons/uniform.

Tonight: Olivia enters the room to say she has sold the violin. "Sold?" I said. "Yea, I sold it to Claire! I asked her if she wanted to buy it and she said yes."

So now what we have is a huge mess! Claire is playing a violin. Olivia thinks she is starting Karate lessons. Mom is STILL out $100 bucks.

sigh.....I don't know how I get into these messes!


Anonymous said...

hum, sounds like a great business mind to me lol

Mom said...

Hmmmm, Seems to me both girls are happy with the business deal, so what is the problem? Sounds like Olivia is a great salesman and Claire is a quick learner. You may have to up your offer.