Sunday, April 4, 2010

The girls had to "practice" their egg hunting skills last night in the house as a warm up for today's real hunt in the back yard. So, several times we hid the eggs for them (Mark is a pushover....I hide them HARD..hehehe) but then the girls decided to hide them for us. OK......
after we found all but one egg and Olivia was laughing, I became ....well...concerned that our game had gone too far.

She hid a plastic egg in the toilet. Yes, she did. I don't know which is worse....the fact that she put it there OR that Claire WITHOUT HESITATION reached in and took it out!

For any of you who know me and my GERM obsession.....yes, I needed oxygen and sedation when I saw my daughter who has had antibacterial hand gel on her since she was 2 days old reach into a toilet!!!!

....AND Olivia.....she must get those ideas from her Dad!