Monday, September 15, 2008

Independence Day in Costa Rica

Today is the day that Costa Rica celebrates their Independence from Spain. One funny note, every week I have to interview 5 people/5 questions each for my conversation class. One of my questions last week was who did Costa Rica win independence young lady (Costa Rica, of course) answered the United States. I was floored.....all of the cultural sensitivity left me at that moment and I said "WHAT? THE UNITED STATES?"

So the little ones at school had a parade which is part of the celebration every year. They parade in the streets and beat drums. I am posting a video piece of Claire in the parade, you will notice she is way more concerned with her look than her march timing!

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Robin said...

The kiss at the end is priceless!!! Made me tear up. I can't believe how grow she is getting! Miss ya'll!