Thursday, September 25, 2008

Warning ...entering a proud Mom zone!!!

Olivia has her big ballet presentation this weekend....EVERY DAY THIS WEEKEND...we have 3 performances. This is a picture of her ballet class. So sweet! Can you tell we are a SO proud of our Olivia??? Can you pick her out? Yep, she is the vanilla scoop on the end!

Claire, well she if! Claire decided to go head first into a concrete wall last Friday and for several days now she has looked like she went 12 rounds with Ali but thankfully now, the bruising under her eyes is fading and her head looks better. That's our Claire....we love her!


Robin said...

I sure do love vanilla! :)

What is with Claire and that concrete?

janet milligan said...

I'm so proud of Olivia! I remember holding her for the first time when you came home with her and you were saying "What do I do with her now?" I think you've figured it out! I knew you would be a great mom!

Now about Claire! How long were you in the er?

Time goes by fast girfriend. Enjoy them while you can. I'm speaking from experience. We love yall.