Tuesday, December 30, 2008


After one year in Costa Rica without a car..........the moment finally came. We received keys to our loaner vehicle. I thought I was going to cry. I think this was the best Christmas gift I could have received.

Although I am extremely excited about the renewed freedom of the road I need to explain to all my North American friends about driving in Buenos Aires. Imagine driving your car with a school of fish. Now, imagine that you have 13.5 million of those fish jocking for position around you. It is awesome!!!

A few differences from driving in the States.
  1. This is the land of the one way street. Literally 90% or more of the streets are one ways.
  2. Forget the lines in the road that promote an orderly approach to your leisurely drive. The few roads that have lines here are merely a suggestion. How many cars can fit side by side at 60KM per hour. Come to Argentina and I'll show you.
  3. Oh Yes I almost forgot. On the main avenues which can be 6 or 8 lanes wide according to the paint. You can only make a left hand turn with a arrow........one problem......they don't ever seem to appear when I'm looking for one. So, in such a case three rights truly make a left.

Those few driving rules to say it may be a little different but I sure am glad to have keys in my pocket again.




The Sorrows Family said...

Melissa - do they require that you take (or in your case re-take) a written drivers test or an actual driving test??? i cannot imagine that i would pass in a new land where all the "rules" are different! :) Happy New year to you Mark, Olivia & Claire - we are thinking of you!!

Robin said...

That is so awesome!! Look at it this way, atleast they aren't droping things at you as you go under an overpass. James loved your description of the driving experience over there, makes Killeen not seem quite so bad. Good to see you all online! Love and prayers to you all!

Anonymous said...

Mel, Mark and girls-

Glad to see you'r back in touch with us. I agree- lets see a picture. The thought of highlights in a South American country doesn't even sound like a good idea. you must have still been jet lagged, or low blood sugar from sel induced food adjustment.

Are you up and running with email and vonage, and do we hve a mailing address?
Love and miss you guys, you're always in my thoughts and prayers.