Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gracias Dora!

Immigrations again today with a record 2 trips in ONE day. Ok, how can I explain this process so that you all can relate?

Revenue office plus about 500 people waiting to be processed.

A mumbling girl BEHIND a glass partition that will not open her mouth to speak clearly.

A change in rates since the last visit which accounted for the return trip today.

Probably the highest congregation of swine flu carriers outside of a train or bus.

A smart alic who thought he could speak english.

A room full of employees who are "overworked" from their 8:45 - 2:00 schedule with more breaks for chats than the VIEW.

Top it off with a RUDE person!

It is really difficult for a good Southern girl to not LOSE IT given this scenario! I am so proud of only remark was upon exiting the waiting room..... "Gracias Dora"!

Hopefully you can realize that even WE have horrible days. I think I can be honest with you about that....I mean ....afterall is just me and you, right?