Wednesday, July 8, 2009

To the folks out there who follow my blog......both of sorry I have not kept up in the last couple of weeks! My parents were here for a visit and nothing got blogged or written during that time.

So here is the latest:
1. We had a great visit with Mom and Dad. They got to see much of the city, go to a tango show for Dad's birthday, spend time with the girls and spoil them, and they got SPANKED on Mario Kart (WII game in case you don't have little ones).

2. Everyone is healthy despite the closing of EVERYTHING for Swine Flu. My gym was even closed this morning. So I guess that means I can eat what I want and not feel guilty, huh?

3. We now have a puppy named "chloe". She is a "who knows what" kind of puppy that we adopted. House breaking her is not fun, but she is really cute.

That's pretty much us right now. Trying to stay warm and healthy!

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