Monday, March 9, 2009

Flat Stanley

We have our very first visitor here in Buenos Aires....."Flat Stanley"! (yes, there is a story)

The 1st grade class in White Hall read a book about "Flat Stanley" and his adventures so they have sent him on trips to visit people. We were asked if he could come here and we are just fun showing him the town!

"Flat Stanley" went to school with Olivia, Uruguay, Kansas Steak House and we still have some other sites to show him before we put him in an envelope and mail him back to White Hall!

We are gonna get him drinking mate before he leaves Argentina!


Robin said...

How fun, when we were in AR we had a Flat Stanley that was almost as tall as me, and then we had a little alligator too. We had so much fun with them! We even took Stanley to the dentist and he got a check up. We also went to Chuckee Cheese and to the top of Pinnacle Mountain :)

cool youth mama said...

melissa: what is MATE?? LOL