Friday, March 20, 2009

Mystery Days

The girls had mystery day this week which is a day that I choose (never a set day of the month) and I also choose a place to take them that is fun and a surprise. They do not know where we are going UNTIL we arrive!
Ok, so I learned a huge lesson because my girls are still not over the trauma of mystery day 2 months ago. Why? Because I chose Recoletta Cemetery. Ok, in hindsight it was not my brightest idea but it is a huge tourist attraction here in Buenos Aires, history lesson and a day out all wrapped in one. Olivia do I say.. mortified that I would bring them to a cemetery to walk around (it is like a city) and see, well dead people. Claire was peeking in the doors at the graves...she thought it was cool!
(photo of the girls standing in front of the grave of Eva "Evita" Peron