Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I need a calgon moment

Step into my world for just a minute please:
I entered a very popular appliance store. I find a Whirlpool fridge and stove that I like and would like to buy. I ask the salesman what the price is......here it comes.....get ready....he said...."Well, we don't sell this stove and fridge".

Could someone please explain to me WHY a store displays a stove and fridge that don't intend to sell?

CALGON! Take me away!!!!

I just want to buy a stove and fridge. big sigh

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Scott said...

ok what up with the newletters
i want to see you 2 and the kids not building...
yes, how much you miss going golfing...
i know your doing great work but i know your human to

on the wish list how big is small and how big is big?

God bless and kept you

and yes i was bore at work

Scott Poteet