Thursday, April 16, 2009

What would YOU do for a Starbucks coffee?

We have about 7 Starbucks locations here in Buenos Aires (yea, who wants to come see me now??) and my very favorite is about 4 blocks passed the government buildings right in the heart of the city. Today was MY day, so after 2 hours of Spanish tutoring, Claire, myself and a friend took a cab to Starbuck's. Why? Because a coffee means that much to me!

Ok, here is the story. Read the warnings on the US Embassy website and it will tell you to always avoid Argentine protests because they can get out of hand very quickly so you should leave the area of a protest! The cab today dropped us off about 4 blocks too early because streets were blocked .....why....DUE TO A PROTEST! The people were in the streets, chanting, carrying signs, police out in the middle of the streets. What did we do? Walked through the protest to change sides of the street because I KNEW Starbucks was only about 2 more blocks on the other side of the protest.

I knew the signs did not say "GO HOME"!