Sunday, April 12, 2009

A day in the life of US!

Simple task: Mail 1 postcard, pick up a certified letter, and mail a small package to the US.

Attempt #1: Mark goes to the post office, takes a number and has a seat in the waiting room. 45 minutes later he is called to the counter. He has "100 peso" (about 30 US dollar value) and ask to first mail the package. The lady explains that he cannot mail this package because it is taped and not glued. (I had wrapped the box in plain brown heavy paper and used brown packing tape to secure it.) After a brief convesation about the mailing requirements, Mark proceeded to mail the postcard but he could not because she did not have change (he would have had change IF he had mailed the box). Ok, so he asked for the certified letter but could not get it because I did not sign the paper.

Attempt #2: We stop by UPS to mail the package. 45 minutes later after the UPS guy had removed and listed every item in the box and repacked it in a UPS box, he says the charge is $120 US dollars to ship it. The value of the box was about $20 US dollars so of course, Mark left the UPS office with the new box in hand.

Attempt #3: I went to the post office, took a number and waited 1 hour. When I was called to the counter, I was able to mail the postcard. I could not mail the package that I had re-wrapped in brown paper and USED GLUE NOT TAPE because I did not have my original passport with me. I could not pick up my certified letter because I did not have my original passport.

Attempt #4: I went back to the post office, took a number and waited 1 hour. I successfully mailed the package. The certified letter was a notice to go to another post office to pick up a package that was too big to have in this post office!

Tomorrow, we are going to the other post office. It opens at 10:00 and we will have to be in line by 9:00 and still will probably be there for at least 21/2 hours AFTER THEY OPEN.


Lea Ann Sorrows said...

good grief...and i thought MY life was difficult @ the WH post office to stand in line 10 minutes....i have now re-thought my post office traffic woes! Love and miss you all - Lea ann

Liesa said...

Ok so you win the funniest story....You got our driver's license experience in Peru beat! Sorry it took so long to get your package...remember Jeff's UPS story in Costa Rica?

andrea said...

OK, this is why God did not call me into the mission field. Patience is definitely not one of my "fruits" and I am so grateful you did not wind up in jail. HaHa. I'm thinking after this episode even 7 Starbuck's would not be enough!! Miss you!