Saturday, July 19, 2008

Crescent rolls and corned beef hash

Today I went to buy some groceries because all I had in my freezer was a bag of coffee (absolute essential!) and ICE!!! (before you Mom and Dad ....we DO NOT NEED MONEY FOR FOOD). I went to my favorite grocery store SIN HIJAS Y ESPOSO (alone without kids and hubby) for an enjoyable afternoon in the store that carries imported but expensive grocery items.

It was like Christmas because I found Corned beef hash so that I can make stuffed bell peppers!!! God is so good! :) You don't always find the same items every time, for example today I didn't find any pepper jack cheese so no stuffed Mexican chicken at least until after next payday. This store is a once a "payday store":(

OK, here goes the drama of the day.....I spotted them (background music starts).....only 3 cans left of Pillsbury Crescent rolls. PAUSE: do you have any idea how many different ways I can use crescent rolls?! Ok, the ex-pat "ex-patriot" man is standing in front of me right in front of the crescent rolls!!! YIKES......he could be some insane ex-pat that would buy ALL 3 CANS!!! What do I do? Do I bump him with my buggy? Do I yell "immigration"? I HAVE to have crescent rolls! It turns out, he didn't buy any of them and I got all 3 cans! Turns out I probably would have gotten them without the "Jet Li" move but why take chances?!

It's the simple things in life that we have found God uses to show us his touch sometimes......little girls without head injuries, crescent rolls and corned beef hash!