Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Ok, we had a different but good 4th! Can't say I have ever had a July 4th like this one! We haven't had water in 2 days.....yesterday we found out at 7 am that there would be no water until sometime last was just a bonus, I suppose. There has been no water today either! Fortunately, we have large drinkable water bottles (and we keep a couple in stock just in case days like today) but that doesn't help for showers and dishes. SSSSOOOOO since there was no water.....we headed out to a mall about 15 minutes from our house to eat and see Kungfu Panda.

Cultural note: This theatre has a "VIP" entrance and 3 "VIP" theatres. Cost a little more but the seats are leather recliner-like and they bring you your food!!!

About our July 4th BBQ...hopefully tomorrow......if we have water!

P.S. It just wouldn't be July 4th WITHOUT hearing Lee Greenwood so I posted it to my playlist.