Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"No donuts....enjoy your bandaids."

I know the title of this blog post sounds like a line from "Mommy Dearest" but let me explain:

Yes, we do have bandaids in Costa Rica but just in case you are wondering WHY I would put that on our wish list......here goes.....my girls are totally into bandaids right now for every scratch or nick in the skin. We must have a bandaid on it! My girls decided that I didn't have any cool bandaids...I only have the regular bandaids ...SSSSOOO at the mall we stopped by the pharmacy to pick up a box of bandaids to their liking. I thought I would break my bill for smaller change for the cab ride home and pick up their bandaids all at once......that's a Mom thinking huh?

At the checkout...for 2 boxes of bandaids (one Mickey and one Princess) the bill was $10!!!!
Trust me when I say I needed a bandaid for my feelings after that.....needless to say the girls asked for donuts from the little donut shop just outside the pharmacy and my response ......"no donuts.....enjoy your bandaids"