Saturday, July 19, 2008

Here we go again~

The Emergency Room seems to be the favorite tourist attraction of the Hobson Family because we manage to get there quite often. Yesterday after leaving a meeting, Mark was carrying "baby sister" on his shoulders (as he always does so we can hold on to her!) and he slipped and fell. They BOTH went crashing to the sidewalk and she hit her head fairly hard on the sidewalk.....SO off to the ER we go for skull xrays! She is fine and Mark (I think) mainly hurt his pride! Of course, last night we got to wake her up EVERY 1 1/2 HOURS ......OH THE JOY!!

As if that wasn't enough........"big sister" goes to get a drink in the waiting room of the xray department and I turn around only to see my daughter drinking from some plastic cup that she found sitting on TOP OF THE WATER COOLER BOTTLE.........YIKES!!! If you know me very well you know how much of a germ freak I am.....of course this sent me into overload!! I begin to think of every communicable disease known to man that she could possibly get and don't think I didn't at least consider HOW I might could disinfect her mouth!!!!!!